Become a Group Leader

Step up and plan the most epic, next level Grad Trip for your grade. As a Group Leader:

1. Your role is to spread the hype and help get people signed up.
2. You should be outgoing, determined, and down to invite everyone.
3. You'll develop leadership and career skills - which will look great on your resume or university applications.
4. You'll receive exclusive perks, experience a week in paradise as a VIP and be known as the legend who made it all happen for years to come.

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Ceremony Travel Experiences



Travel off the beaten path

This is for groups who want to broaden their perspective and start their adult life in a different way. Graduation is not just about what you get...but what you can give back.


Adventure is calling

Be surprised by what you’re capable of when you ditch your comfort zone, explore somewhere incredible, and make every day an adventure.


Enter a world designed just for you

Take over an entire secluded resort with all your friends. This is the perfect place to celebrate with your crew and find a million new ways to feel alive.


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* Group Leaders applicants must be currently in grade 11/Juniors during their application

How does it work?

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Become a Group Leader for your crew and help start an unreal tradition.

You'll be apart of something amazing and gain new confidence that comes from building community, hard-work and experiencing travel. If you think you’re outgoing, connected or a natural leader (or all of the above) or know someone who would be great for the role - let us know! 

We are currently recruiting and working with a network of Group Leaders from across Canada


Testimonials from our Group Leaders

Working with Ceremony travel [allowed us] to work to the best of our abilities and accomplish what was beyond our goals
— Kimia, Group Leader

"Working with Ceremony travel has been an incredible experience. The professionalism, friendliness, and constant follow-ups and meetings with our Reps allowed all of us (the Group Leaders) to work to the best of our abilities and accomplish what was beyond our goals. Cannot wait for the Ceremony travel experience on Fantasy Island itself :)"

- Kimia S.


"Our group's experience with Ceremony so far has been a wild ride. We got to speak to people who we never had before and got them interested in something so amazing. We are so excited to be able to bring over 20 students to Costa Rica for our BeWild travel experience! We cannot wait to see what else is to come!"

- Dobrilla, Megan, and Kail