Ceremony FAQ's

Travel is the best way to learn about yourself and build independence. Here are the most common questions people have about their Ceremony travel experience.

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How to RSVP

Q. I don’t know my RSVP Code

A. Contact the Group Leader in your area, they’ll have your RSVP Code. If you don’t know who your Group Leader is, or if you want to be the Group Leader for your area fill out this form and we’ll give you a call with more info.

Q. I don’t know my roommates yet, should I wait to RSVP?

A. Nope! You should RSVP ASAP to claim your spot on Ceremony. Roommates can be added and changed after the RSVP process is complete. It’s better to claim your spot early and then add your roommates afterwards.

Q. I want to go on a different travel experience than the rest of my friends!

A. We believe that everyone can find a Ceremony travel experience that fits their travel dreams. Send us an email to info@ceremony.com with your name, phone, school, and desired travel experience and we’ll work with you as best we can.


Your Account

Q. I forgot my account password!

A. No worries, click here to reset!

Q. Something is wrong with my account!

A. Send us an email to info@ceremony.com with your name, phone, RSVP Code, Traveler ID, and let us know the problem you’re having, we’ll get back to you ASAP to find a solution!

Q. I’m a Group Leader. Where can I find all my resources and tools?

A. Group Leaders can access lots of extra account functions in their “Group Leader Toolkit” section of their account. If you have trouble finding anything, reach out to your Ceremony contact and they’ll help you figure it out.

Q. I have questions about Ceremony, what’s the best way to contact you guys?

A. The best way to contact us is by email info@ceremony.com and we will respond within 24 hours. Please be as detailed as possible so we can assist you best.



Q. What happens if I miss a payment?

Q. What is the cancellation & refund

A. In order to maintain your reservation you must keep up with your payments.  If you miss a payment or fall behind your reservation could be cancelled. We don’t want you to miss out on your Ceremony, for payment related issues so it is always best to contact us at info@ceremony.com ahead of time to see if anything can be done.

A. Please review the terms and conditions , under the “cancellation services section”.

If you purchased additional cancellation insurance and your reason for cancellation is covered by Manulife, you may be eligible to submit a claim recover any additional payments to the non refundable deposit

If you don’t purchase additional insurance, then the regular cancellation fee applies. If you have any questions about cancellation or refunds, please send us an email at info@ceremony.com prior to booking.


Work With Us

Q. How can I become a Guide for Ceremony?! What do you guys look for when hiring?

A  Guide applications are posted seasonally and can be found at ceremony.com/jobs.  We look for experience working with youth, a personal love for travel, and a connection to our values. If you are selected for an interview you must also pass a background check, as well as our hiring process, and training.

Q. I want to work for Ceremony! Where is the job board

A. You can find all of our open jobs at ceremony.com/jobs



Q. Are there staff on Ceremony?

A. Yes, there are Guides on each travel experience.

Our purpose is to create unimaginable travel experiences that kickstart the next chapter of life and help advance you to adulthood. Our team will meet travelers upon their entry into the country of which their travel experience takes place. Their role is focused around facilitating & supporting all of our on-site programing throughout the the travel experience & setting / maintaining boundaries for our travelers.

Ceremony Guides are at least 24+ years old and have experience working with youth and a passion for travel. Our Guides will complete a background check prior to joining our team.


Travel Stuff

Q. My passport is expired, can I still travel?

A. Make sure to check your passport expiration date ASAP! In order to travel, your passport must be valid for 1-3 months past the date of the final day of your trip. Different countries have different rules. Most countries require your passport to be valid for 1 month after your departure. Go double-check your passport and country rules now.

Q. What should I pack?

A. We recommend: clothes (including a sweater, pants, and shorts), money, passport, secondary ID, insurance info, credit card, debit card, bathing suit, hat, sunnies, reusable water bottle, backpack/bag for adventures, sunscreen, bug spray, toiletries, medication. Sandals, walking shoes, chargers, packaged snacks, theme gear for our celebrations.

Optional: Waterproof bag, GoPro, rash guard (if you plan on surfing), travel journal, aloe vera, floaties, magazines or books for the plane, headphones, eye mask.


On Ceremony

Q. What happens when we arrive on Ceremony?

A. Upon arrival Travelers attend a short briefing which reviews important traveler information, Ceremony Traveler Standards and hotel policies. This is where they must present their passports and sign for their room keys.

Q. Can my parents contact me during Ceremony?

A. Of course! We recommend using text, Whatsapp, or email as wifi is available at most of our destinations. There is also an emergency hotline active during travel which is reserved for emergencies only.

Q. Are there rules on Ceremony?

A. Ceremony travelers are young adults and are expected to be able to conduct themselves in a responsible manner during their travel experience. Each Ceremony traveler will be required to agree and sign our Ceremony Travel Standards before departure. Any traveler who is unable to handle this level of independence could be sent home at their own expense.

Q. What’s included in my Ceremony?

A. To check out the specifics, login to your account with your RSVP Code.

Q. What does my Ceremony itinerary look like?

A. Specific itineraries will be released closer to your departure date. Your itinerary will vary depending on the chosen travel experience for your group. Each travel experience comes with a list of set inclusions which can be found by entering your RSVP Code and reviewing your account.

Q. What is the medical insurance?

A. Manulife Emergency Medical Insurance is included in every travel experience package.  Optional upgrades to the Premium Plan at the time of booking or the All-Inclusive Plan are available as well. Full policy listings can be found here.


Contact Us:


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