CHECK OUT: The Official 2019 #BeWild Trailer

The Official 2019 #BeWild Trailer


The 2019 BeWild - Costa Rica travel experience is almost sold out! BeWild is for graduating students who are looking to kick off their next chapter in life with a unique experience packed with a ton of adrenaline pumping adventures. On #BeWild - you'll get to live on the edge of a national park, a close walk to the beach and wake up to the most insane sunrises. Down a fresh tropical smoothie, then head out with your crew to go white water rafting, come back to kick it by the pool before getting ready for a wild jungle themed party. And that’s all in one day!

Learn more about BeWild and check-out a sample itinerary here!

Apply online, shoot us an email, DM us or give us a call to start planning this epic adventure!

The Ceremony Team