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Why we created Ceremony

We’ve started a new movement in travel for young adults. We believe that you deserve to celebrate how hard you’ve worked to achieve your goals and advance to adulthood. There is nothing else like a Ceremony travel experience to kickstart your adult life.

Our Values:

  • Celebrate Life: with unimaginable travel experiences that you can’t find anywhere else

  • Experience Travel: by getting out of your comfort zone and diving into exotic adventures  that will open your mind and feed your soul

  • Build Community: You might have come from different places, but you’re all heading in the same direction

  • Advance to Adulthood: Starting the moment you land, you’ll gain a better understanding of yourself and your place in the world

Scouting now!

We're currently scouting for Group Leaders around Canada. Become one of the first people ever to bring Ceremony to your community. Apply to become a Group Leader in your area ASAP!


The Ceremony Team