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We are so excited to be sharing Ceremony with so many communities across Canada. If you'd like to share your experience with us let us know! Read on to see how some of our suppliers, Group Leaders, and staff feel about working with us!


From our Suppliers....

What they have planned for their clients is something very special
— Ivan, General Manager, Fantasy Island

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Ivan Inarejos, General Manager, Fantasy Island

"We are excited to have Ceremony travel takeover the entire property at our beautiful resort, Fantasy Island, in March and Summer 2019! We've been pleased with our continued communication, planning and relationship with their leadership team. What they have planned for their clients is something very special and we will support them in all their endeavours. The Director and VP of Operations visited the property in February 2019 and went above and beyond in their planning of the site visit, planned onsite programming, and knowledge of travel and group logistics. We are looking forward to having their groups experience Fantasy Island with a Ceremony twist!"


Lara Farré, Sales Director, Selina Group

"We are excited to be working with Ceremony travel for their 2019 March and Summer programming at our Manuel Antonio property. We met with the Director of Operations who toured many of our Selina properties across Costa Rica, Panama and Central America and they chose Manuel Antonio because of its unique vibe, proximity to excursions and ability to comfortably fit their entire group in a intimate and private setting. We have been working closely with their team to set up all of the logistics, accommodations and curated menus & events. Selina properties allow guests to explore our ecosystem of beautifully designed rooms and get ready to depart from the ordinary and our experiences blend passion, fun, and impact to transform the way you travel. We are thrilled to have Ceremony join us and look forward to working with them for years to come."


From our Group Leaders...

Working with Ceremony travel [allowed us] to work to the best of our abilities and accomplish what was beyond our goals
— Kimia, Group Leader

Kimia S. 

"Working with Ceremony travel has been an incredible experience. The professionalism, friendliness, and constant follow-ups and meetings with our Reps allowed all of us (the Group Leaders) to work to the best of our abilities and accomplish what was beyond our goals. Cannot wait for the Ceremony travel experience on Fantasy Island itself :)"


Dobrilla, Megan & Kale

"Our group's experience with Ceremony so far has been a wild ride. We got to speak to people who we never had before and got them interested in something so amazing. We are so excited to be able to bring over 20 students to Costa Rica for our BeWild travel experience! We cannot wait to see what else is to come!"


Ariluz C.

"Ceremony is a great motivation for me for my graduating year. Not only will this travel experience help build a stronger community between all the young adults we're traveling with, but it will also get us ready for the next step in our lives and help us become more independent. Working with the Ceremony staff has been a pleasure. They are very kind and answered all of our questions. I'm so excited for our Fantasy Island travel experience!"


Katelyn Y.

"Ceremony is a wonderful company that I am so glad that I got to be apart of. Being a Group Leader is super fun and let me learn and experience new things about people and travel. The Ceremony staff are amazing and helped me with any issues I had the entire time I was planning my trip. Staff were always willing to put in their time and effort to help me plan and organize Ceremony for my class. It really is a great experience to be a Group Leader! The staff at Ceremony make you feel very safe and are very friendly, they are always willing to answer any questions you, your parents, or your friends might have! I would recommend Ceremony to anyone!"


Jason I.

"My experience with Ceremony as a Group Leader was invigorating! The idea of a grad trip catered to us livened our school spirit and got me personally excited about choosing the right travel experience for my grade. I’m looking forward to many new memories on Fantasy Island with my friends and many more!"



From our Staff and Guides...

Travel is the best way for young adults to gain confidence and become the best version of themselves
— Erin, Ceremony Rep

Erin Borden, Sales Rep, Ceremony

"I joined Ceremony looking for a fulfilling job involving travel and students and found so much more. From my first day in office, I could tell that the Leadership team was passionate and ambitious, which made me feel confident and excited to join the team. I love sharing our Ceremony travel experiences with young adults, parents, and communities all over Alberta. In my opinion, travel is the best way for young adults to gain confidence and become the best version of themselves. It allows them to experience and immerse themselves in a new culture and lifestyle which they won't ever forget! Ceremony is a new and exciting way to gain those experiences without having to travel alone. Ceremony has brought me closer to my community and allowed me to share my personal love of travel with hundreds of young adults. I can't wait to make so many more travel dreams come true for the amazing young adults I meet. I'm proud to be a Ceremony Rep."


Mercedes Burrowes, Sales Rep, Ceremony

"Working with Ceremony I get to be apart of an amazing team that shares my passion for travel and love of adventures with people who I believe truly deserve it, graduating high school students. After four years of commitment, we think it is so important to treat your graduation as an enormous milestone that should be celebrated in the most epic of ways. I love the travel experiences we have at Ceremony because they're crafted to give every student the most amazing week of their life. You will always be able to do a regular trip, but Ceremony takes travel to the next level with locations and experiences I could never have imagined. I wish we had Ceremony back when I was in high school."



Travel Experiences 

I work tirelessly to make sure that the planning and logistics behind the scenes are taken care of
— Robyn, director of operations

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